Diploma in Botanical Illustration at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

This is now completed - yeay, I am now a Dip BI. I managed to achieve a distinction and received the Eve Bennett award for Botanical Illustration, I will update the work here so come back to see more in a few months. I want to thank the RBGE for all of their support and family and friends who have helped me through this, thank you guys!


We've had some lovely coverage of this exhibition from the Botanical Art and Artists Blog, a big thankyou to Katherine Tyrrell for including our RBGE graduate show.

first year second year

ramshorn seedhead - graphite 2014
yucca seedpods - graphite 2014
beech leaves - graphite 2014

sprout - watercolour 2014
pumpkin slice - watercolour 20148
autumn beech leaf - watercolour 2014

pomegranite - watercolour 2014
pomegranite-slice - watercolour 2014
smoke leaf - watercolour 2014

Lathyrus magellanicus, pea - pen and ink 2015
Lathyrus magellanicus, pea - pen and ink 2015
Lathyrus magellanicus, pea - pen and ink 2015

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Diploma in Botanical Illustration - FIRST YEAR 2014/2015

We did an immense amount of work in first year, starting with line drawing, moving into tonal graphite work, then painting fundamentals.

We then developed a full composition (the orchid). This was then followed by a pen and ink exercise, learning a new drawing technique, and using herbarium specimens, dried and reconstituted along with photos to produce a piece of work including sections and magnifications.

Subsequently we produced a complex composition comprising no less than 3 spring plants and finally we undertook a native tree project which incorporates elements of all the project work.


If you are interested in a commissioning a painting or drawing please contact me.

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